Hello K-5th Grade Volunteers!

This year, we will begin a study of Proverbs 3 in the K-5th grade class—and memorize it together.

Yep, the whole chapter.

And it’s going to be a great venture of faith!!

First—I’d like to give credit where credit is due and thank Hannah McLean for the vision of this endeavor. She’s put a lot of thought and prayer behind this study and I just wanted to share what’s on her heart about this particular passage:

We’ve been in prayer about the kids here at Refuge, and I want you to know that we are in a season where God is powerfully at work in the lives of children, drawing them to Himself. Over this past year, I have been praying for the kids in this church not just as a group, but by name. Some of these prayers have been incredible as God has given me glimpses into what He is doing: I find myself often praying “Noah” prayers over them…God is raising up a generation of children like we have never seen before: children who will be able to stand as Noah did in his time.

These children will have conviction, with deep roots in the truth of God’s word and intimate understanding of the nature and person of God; they will be alive in the Spirit and established in the truth; they will be able to stand firm in the raging current of the culture into which they have been born. I believe I was led to this passage in Proverbs 3 by the Lord for our kids here; it is a beautiful articulation of the “Who” and the “whys” behind the “whats.” Not just what are God’s ways, but why should I desire them?

This passage in Proverbs is a foundational piece for ANYONE walking with Jesus, and we want to plant it in our children so that as they grow they will have the truth within them not just of where to go for the wisdom they will need to navigate life, but why that Source is superior to any other. We desire so deeply that the Lord would grant us the ability to give the kids here the wonder of seeing the beauty of the Lord through the beauty of His word.

It is a wonderful chapter of scripture—packed with wisdom and instruction for a closer walk with the Lord. Matthew Henry called it “one of the most excellent chapters in all this book [Proverbs].” I couldn’t agree more!

Because this study is unlike what we’ve done before, I want to share a some direction and guidance as we begin.

We will study this chapter 2 verses at a time (some studies will have more in places where there isn’t a natural break). We’ll memorize the text together from the New Living Translation (for simplicity & flow), but feel free to pull from other translations as you prepare your lesson for the kids.

I really want to encourage and challenge you to invest in studying the scripture assigned on your Sunday—even if you aren’t preparing the lesson. Ask the Lord for insight and be led by the Spirit. Think about anything that the verses evoke—is there a narrative found elsewhere in the Bible that would reinforce what’s being communicated? Is there a Psalm that models what the text is saying? Is there something from your personal testimony that could add to the scripture you’re presenting? What kind of activities and memory devices could you use to reinforce what you’ve covered? (Speaking of memory devices & activities—we are working on developing some resources that will help us have a coordinated effort to help the children in their memorization (and ours too!). I’ll share those resources as we have them available.)

As you dig into the Scripture and invest your time and attention to preparing for your time with the kids, I hope you will see and appreciate how you are being equipped for the work of ministry. And I want you to know that I am here to help equip and encourage you to do that work. Here are three resources to help you as you prepare for your time with the kids:

Inductive Bible Study Method: a very simple yet thorough and methodical study of the Scriptures.
Communicating Biblical Truths: simple tactics you can use to help communicate Biblical truths to kids:
Using Questions to Teach Children: asking children questions is a great way to engage them and help them comprehend the Scripture.

These resources are available on the KidMin page.

I’m so excited to see what the Lord will do in you, through you, and in the lives of the children of our fellowship. I am praying for you we begin this venture of faith together. Please let me know if there is any way I can serve you or if you have any prayer requests.

For Him & for His!