Inductive Bible Study Method

The inductive Bible study method is a very simple, yet thorough way to study Scripture. Simply observe facts in the passage, interpret what they mean, and discover how to respond. It’s straight-forward way to prepare for personal or group study.

Begin your time of study with prayer. Ask the Lord for His help in understanding His word. While it’s so very tempting to jump into studying, it won’t be fruitful without the Spirit’s leading and guidance.

What does the passage say?
Read and re-read the passage thoroughly. The more you read the passage, the more observations you’ll make. Make a note of details great and small. Different translations help too! List all the facts you can find (think who, what, when, where, and how).

What does the passage mean?
Think about what those observed facts mean. Review them and seek to understand them in light of the context. It is important to remember to interpret your experience by the Scriptures—not interpreting the Scriptures by your experience.

How should I respond?
Now draw out applications that will help you live in light of what you’ve observed and interpreted. Here are some general questions that will help determine specific applications:
• Examples To Follow?
• Sin To Forsake?
• Errors To Avoid?
• Promises To Believe
• Commands To Obey?
• Actions To Take?

If you’re preparing for a small group study, think about the things from each category that the Lord has highlighted for you. Then consider ways you can engage others by using questions to get them to engage with the Scripture for themselves.

That’s a basic outline of the inductive Bible study method. This approach will greatly assist you in discovering what the Scriptures say, it’s proper interpretation, and applications that will help you live in light of what you’ve learned.