Located on the 2nd floor. Open after Sunday service.


We have a collection of curated books and Bibles for sale in our 2nd floor bookstore. Our prices are at or below what you could purchase them anywhere else! We also have our Refuge apparel (hoodies, shirts, and hats) for sale.

Lending Library

Lamplighter books are edited within a Biblical theological framework to ensure that each story reflects the character of God and provides key Scriptures to be stored within the heart. We hope you discover the depths of God's character in the pages of these books!

For your convenience, books in the collection are arranged alphabetically by title. Feel free to page though the Lamplighter catalog (copies are available throughout the library) to find more information about each story, to discover the various character themes present in each book, and to learn more about the different genres of the collection.

We ask that you please limit your choices to 3 titles at a time and return books within 1 month of check out date. Please bring your selections) to a bookstore volunteer (across the hall, through the glass doors) to check out.

When finished reading, please return the books to a bookstore volunteer after service on Sunday mornings.

If you enjoy these books, you’ll appreciate Lamplighter Theatre, the audio dramatized versions of these stories. 

Listen to Lamplighter Theatre Sunday evenings at 7pm on 96.1 Refuge FM.