Revelation 1:12-2:7

Sep 29, 2020    Pastor Dominic Dinger

Letters…emails…texts—communication means a lot when its initiated by someone who cares about us. We can easily discard and disregard junk mail and spam that fill our mailboxes and inboxes. But to receive word from someone we know and who knows us…those are the messages we give priority to!

Jesus had something to say to seven of the churches in the first century. He had important things to tell them and told John to write down record His message. By studying these seven letters, we learn more about the Author of these letters—Jesus. We get to know His character, His heart for us, and how we can fulfill His purpose for His church here and now.

Our previous study ended looking at John exiled on the island of Patmos. One Sunday, many years ago, he was in the spirit, when he heard a voice behind him—a voice like a trumpet!