Revelation (Intro)

Sep 1, 2019    Dominic Dinger

From Genesis to Revelation…from eternity past to eternity future. That’s quite a leap from the beginning of summer (when we finished our Genesis study) to now (as we begin our study of Revelation). But there are some benefits to studying these two books back to back.

Genesis is the book of beginnings…and questions. Revelation is the book of completion…and culmination.

Genesis begins in paradise, but when paradise is lost, the question arises…will paradise be restored? Revelation answers that questions, but not before outlining the world’s time of tribulation—the transition to a new paradise. It’s a specific time called the Day of the Lord…and 19 other names throughout the Old and New Testaments.

Since the Bible speaks of this time frequently and the warning attached to it has great urgency, we’re left asking, “What does any of this have to do with me?”


Revelation is relevant! Not only are we duty-bound to study, understand, and appreciate the gravity of the content contained in this book, the events described in this book are way closer than you might realize.