Jan 10, 2021    Pastor Nate Van Vooren    Guest Speakers
Life for the prophet Habakkuk was confounding. His homeland—Judah—was filled violence and injustice. He was troubled at what he saw and God’s apparent lack of intervention. So he let God know what he thought. And God answered by telling him judgment was on the way—but at the hands of the Babylonians, who were even more wicked than the people of Judah.

The book of Habakkuk captures the dialogue between an honest man and a sovereign God. Through this short book of three chapters, we see what it looks like to be honest with the Lord and how to wait for His timing.

Even though troubling and terrible times were still coming for Judah, Habakkuk was determined to praise his God—no matter what. Watch the live stream replay or listen to the audio recording of our study from Sunday.