Children's Ministry Illness Guidelines

For the health of all of our children and servants, please do not check a sick child into children’s ministry.

Children should not be checked in if they have had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

• Frequent coughing or sneezing (other than allergy-related symptoms)
• Skin rashes (other than diaper rash)
• Sore throat
• Fever over 100°F
• Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea (please wait 48 hours)
• Runny nose with colored discharge
• Noticeable listlessness
• Pink eye with drainage or other eye infection
• Head lice or ringworm
• Other known contagious illnesses

If we observe any symptoms during service, you will be notified to pick up your child.

Your child must be fever free without aid of medication for at least 24 hours. If taking antibiotics, your child should be on the medication at least 48 hours before coming to children’s ministry. If your child has a continually clear, runny nose, coughing, or rash due to non-contagious allergies, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation and know that we take the health and safety of your children seriously.