Bible Memory Activities

Bible verse memorization is a wonderful way to hide God's word in our hearts. Below are some ideas for activities that can help kids get to know and memorize Bible verses. There are many more ideas available on the internet—these were just some that stood out. Feel free to explore & search for more options!

With our Proverbs 3 song & actions, we're already providing a great way for the kids to get to know this passage. These activity options are just one additional way for them to become even more familiar with God's Word.

Tip for a large group setting: If a child doesn't want to take a turn, let them feel free to just watch. If they feel pressured or embarrassed they might not want to participate at all. Chances are that before the game is over, they will want to join in!

Hide a Word
Write one word per piece of paper (paper plates work well too). Give out one piece of paper per child. The children chosen line up in front of the room (not in correct verse order). The rest of the group works together to unscramble the words by telling the kids to move places. Everyone says the verse together once it is in correct order. One child from the audience chooses someone to turn around so the verse cannot be seen. Say the verse. Continue with one to three people being chosen to turn around each time.
VARIATION: Tape a word or phrase under random chairs in the classroom. After the kids are seated, ask them to look under their chairs to see if they are sitting in one of the “hot seats” – a chair that has a word under it. Whoever finds a word under their chair brings it to the front. The kids must arrange themselves in line, each holding up their word, so that the words are in the correct order.

Memory Verse Mural
Cover the table with a large sheet of paper (butcher paper or bulletin board paper). Write the words to the verse around the table. Have the kids draw symbols and pictures to illustrate the verse.

Balloon Pop
Inflate balloons (have one balloon for each word of memory verse). With permanent marker, write one word of the memory verse on each balloon. Using clear packing tape, place the balloons on the wall in order (if time allows, children can take turns to do this). If putting the balloons up during class time, ask the entire class to read what is up so far. After all the balloons are in place, then ask for volunteers to take turns popping any balloon (a “push pin” works well), followed by everyone saying the verse together each time a balloon is popped.

Surprise Box

Decorate a box or container with an opening in top (large enough for your hand to freely move in and out with the memory verse words). Write each word of the memory verse on separate sheets of construction paper. Place them in order in the front of the class. Have the entire class say the verse a few times with all the words, then ask for a volunteer to take away a word and put it in the “Surprise Box”. Ask the class if they can say the verse with the missing word. Continue until all words are in the box. Then ask for volunteers to pick one word out of the box and see if they can put it back, continuing until the verse has been reconstructed.

Bean Bag Toss

Have the children sit in a circle on the floor (space permitting). Have the verse written on the board where the children can see it. Then have the children pass the bean bag to the child next to them, whoever is holding the bean bag says the next word of the verse. Lower grades may need help in the beginning by telling them ahead of time what their word will be. Upper grades will quickly catch on and be able to randomly toss the bean bag with each child saying the next word of the verse as they catch the bean bag.

Straw Relay

Cut drinking straws in half (approximately 4" pieces), one for each child. (Wide straws are best.) Make two sets of the memory verse on small pieces of construction paper (approximately 2 1/4" X 3"), each set on a different color. Divide class into teams. Place the words on a table for each team. As a relay race, each team member must pick up one word of the memory verse with their straw, and carry it to their team’s table on the other side of the room. The first team to assemble and recite the verse wins.


Use masking tape to make the hop scotch pattern on the floor. Write memory verse words on construction paper and tape them to the top of each hopscotch square (put masking tape completely across the edges of the paper so the children’s toes don’t get caught on the words). Have the class line up on each side of the hopscotch area so they can see the words as the children take turns jumping. As the children hop in each square, the class recites the verse as they go. Ask the first volunteers to please jump slowly enough for the class to say the verse with them. Then ask for any children who wish to say the verse alone as they jump.

Index Card Memory
Write one word of your memory verse on an index card. Continue until you have written all the words. Now leave a pile of the words (all mixed up) next to a line of masking tape on the floor.
Kids will need to put the index cards in order from beginning to the end along the masking tape line.

Post-It Memory Game
Write one word per post it note and stick on the wall in random order. Then ask kids to re-stick the post it notes on the wall in order.

Roll It!
Identified the six most common words used in the verse and write each word on the side of a cube/dice (a large, square box works great for this). Write the verse on a white board and leave blank lines where the six most common words appear. Kids take turns rolling the dice and writing the word they rolled onto one of the blank lines. Kids continue until the verse is complete.

Word Wipe Out
Write your memory verse on a chalkboard or dry erase board. Say it together. Erase one word. Say it again. Keep going until the whole verse is erased.

Toss Across
Toss or roll a ball to one child. Have him say the first word of the verse before tossing or rolling the ball to someone else, who then says the next word, and so on. Continue until you complete the verse. If the ball is dropped, start over again. Time how long it takes to finish the verse; and try to beat the previous time.

Scrambled Verses
Write or print the verse on a piece of paper, leaving lined blanks for several words. Under the blank lines, write the letters that make up that word, scrambled. Have your child unscramble the letters to figure out what the word is.